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Available now $9.99 Paperback and $4.99 E-BOOK

*Prison Book Shipping:  We  ship this book with an inspiring note from the author for $15.00 directly to prisoners.  Please send Payment to then send an email with shipping information including inmate number. 

Robbin L. Jackson, Author:  Robbin L. Jackson is a native of Rochester, NY and a single mother of four. She has always been inspired to tell intriguing tales. She has a special quality to capture an audience with her comical personality. Robbin has walked down many roads that haven’t always led her in a good direction, yet the commitment she has to her family does not allow her to let life’s disappointments and challenges defeat her. She resides in Rochester, where she works in the medical field. She is well known in the community not only through her day job but also through her stand-up comedy. Comedy has always been something she has loved doing and refers to it as “stress relief.”
During some of her most traumatic times, Robbin’s comedy has been a way of getting out of a situation, even if only for a second.

Annabelle, Annabelle, Lost Her Head is a story that reveals, the bond between a child and their lifelong companion is stronger than... Duct Tape. Lucy's unconditional love is evident in this edgy, dark side of the moon, real world adventure between a girl and her doll. Watch them as they work through struggles, and celebrate in their victories. This pair can work through any challenge in their path, when they work together, and a little bit of magic never hurt.

Voice for the Silent Fathers Book, (Paperback/E-Book)

As we become better equipped to expect and accept change over the years.  Century after century history continues to repeat itself.  Why?  Why do women stay with men that abuse them?  Why do people turn to alcohol and drugs to get through life even after growing up to see what has happened to others before them?  Why is there still prejudice and do the companies that employ so many not understand that equal opportunity also includes equal treatment?  Why does the rich man, especially if he’s black, have to pay more for a crime than any man?  Why is it possible for a mother to neglect and abuse a child yet that same child still yearns for that mother?  Why do the elderly people always have to fight for medication that they have more than earned?  Why, after discovering many ways for someone to prevent pregnancy are women still getting abortions?  These are just a few of the many questions that one would believe we should no longer be asking the question of why.  Yet, they are asked every day, somewhere in the world.  When will the focus on the way become finding the solution?  Many think that if you don’t know why the problems will continue.  I believe that not knowing why does not mean that it can’t be fixed, sometimes it’s just easier to focus on the why rather than finding a solution.

Originally released in 2004 paperback:  $12.99 + $4.50 Shipping E-Book Coming Soon

An introduction to Eddie K. Wright's new series of self-help books that will touch on multiple topics including but not limited to, parenting, relationships, health and well-being, cookbooks, physical fitness, Universal Laws and Principals.

How would you feel if your father did not believe you were his child even though there is no doubt that you are? Doesn't everyone deserve love in return? How do you tell someone you've been raped? Could a transplant really save her son's life? Rhonda Johnson faces these challenges and comes to accept the answers to these questions in this true-life story, "Still I Carry On." Experience how she felt, feeling unwanted by her father simply because of the color of her skin. How she handled the haunting memories of rape and the pain of loving someone so much that she is willing to accept the lies and deceptions that were tearing her apart. Her most difficult challenge will be how to carry on when the face of death is on one of her own. Walk with her as she shares the struggles that seem never-ending and see the roads she chose.  Paperback $10.99 + $3.50 Shipping E-Book Coming soon

Eddie K. Wrights memoir detailing the controversial experience of being the young father of a son who would grow up to be the gayest man on the planet!  His “NO SON OF MINE!!” street gangster mentality evolves during his difficult life journey coming to realize that his responsibility as a loving father didn’t change just because his son is gay.

AVAILABLE NOW $16.99 paperback and $4.99 e-book