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Is it your turn to suggest a book?

  • Do you want to introduce a book that will challenge everyone emotionally, mentally and spiritually?
  • Are you ready to take your book club to the next level with an interactive objective?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions then Voice For The Silent Fathers is the book for you!

What we offer at no additional cost:

  • Reading schedule with engagement e-mails 
  • Pre/post book discussion activity
  • Discussion agenda, talking points, and additional resources
  • FREE e-book of authors 2nd publication to all book club members who leave a review on
  • The 'Book Host' will receive a FREE #VoiceForTheSilentFathers t-shirt.

*Book club members can purchase their books on Amazon.Com.  If you're ready to schedule you're book reading, send an e-mail to  Include the name of your book club, how many members, and date you will start reading.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR/BOOK:  Eddie K. Wright is a fitness trainer, Yoga instructor, spiritual motivational speaker and an inmate at a federal prison.  His personal transformation upon realizing the Universal laws and love of life supports his conviction in his "Gangster Turned Guru" book series. The premier release "VOICE FOR THE SILENT FATHERS" details the struggle and inner conflict with being the parent of a homosexual child in the day, and a known connected gangster at night. Overcoming his "No son of mine" mentality, by realizing the true meaning of unconditional love wasn't easy, but his deep insight, heartfelt honesty, and 'laugh to keep from crying' attitude, makes for a humorous read for anyone touched by this issue which means it's for everyone!