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Voice for the Silent Fathers Book, (Paperback/E-Book)

Eddie K. Wrights memoir detailing the controversial experience of being the young father of a son who would grow up to be the gayest man on the planet!  His “NO SON OF MINE!!” street gangster mentality evolves during his difficult life journey coming to realize that his responsibility as a loving father didn’t change just because his son is gay.

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AVAILABLE NOW in paperback and e-book

Annabelle, Annabelle, Lost Her Head is a story that reveals, the bond between a child and their lifelong companion is stronger than... Duct Tape. Lucy's unconditional love is evident in this edgy, dark side of the moon, real world adventure between a girl and her doll. Watch them as they work through struggles, and celebrate in their victories. This pair can work through any challenge in their path, when they work together, and a little bit of magic never hurt.

An introduction to Eddie K. Wright's new series of self-help books that will touch on multiple topics including but not limited to, parenting, relationships, health and well-being, cookbooks, physical fitness, Universal Laws and Principals.