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A project manager is someone you hire to simply... Make your life easier.  We are here to help you complete a project by taking on the responsibility as you need us to.  

A project manager is professional, organized, efficient, and resourceful enough to organize resources and manage different tasks in order help you reach your goal.

A project manager is here to give you time to focus on other things that need your attention.

What is a project?


Personal parties to corporate fundraising events to vacation get-aways

Who is a project manager?

Self Publishing Assistance 

Well help you share your manuscript with the world.

here to help make your project manageable

Small Business Assistance

From start up support to ordering supplies and paying the bills.  We can help. 

Your “project” or task can vary widely, usually has a timeline, a budget and is entirely up to you.

You may want us to take on your project from beginning to end or ask us to handle just a portion of what you are already working on. Like we said… It’s entirely up to you!​